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STS Disconnect device comprehends FXO ports of IVR using PBXs are no longer in use due to caller and disconnects the line automatically in order to receive next incoming calls. Each panel (Model RJ-45 and RJ-12) has a maximum line capacity of 20 and height of 1.5U. We also produce small plastic box type of disconnect only for 1 or 2 lines. Technical specifications are written below.

RJ-12 model

In RJ-12 model, quantity of lines can be increased by 2.

RJ-45 model

In RJ-45 model, quantity of lines can be increased by 1.



             Technical Specifications (valid for all models)

     - Starts-up automatically when the line is activated.
     - Detects the line when out of use and disconnects the caller.
     - Uses the line voltage, do not require an additional power.
     - Call ID, Fax, Internet data can pass through without any problem.
     - Easily mountable on data cabinets.

     - All disconnects can resist up to 600 Volt.

                                                                                                                                                                  1 line type             - (145x90x30mm) -             2 lines type