STS Netconnect is a distribution panel used to transfer the lines. We produce two types of netconnect. First type is for multiplying and distributing analogue or digital lines and the second type is for transferring the lines between MDF(main distribution frame) and FXO ports of PBXs.

    Panel Construct of Model 24.24.RJ45;
   Input: 1 female and 1 male 2x25 connectors parallel to each other
   Output: 24 pcs RJ45 module

model 24.24.RJ45 (1.5U)


             Panel Construct of Model 24.24.16;

           Input: 2 pcs 2x25 male connectors
           Output: 2 pcs 2x25 female and 3 pcs 2x25             
           male connectors parallel to females distributed equally

                                                                        model 24.24.16 (3U)

  Lines from MDF are multiplied via female and male connectors by making parallel.

                                                                                                               Panel Construct of Model 24.24; 
                                                                                         Input: 2 pcs 2x25 male connectors
                                                                                         Output: 2 pcs 2x25 female and 2 pcs 2x25 male connectors

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       model 24.24 (3U) built on a system